Graffletopia Bonus Cabinet Stencil

Graffletopia Cabinet Stencil - Free Bonus File

Download the Free Omnigraffle Cabinet Stencil

This Free Omnigraffle cabinet stencil contains new furniture cabinet drawers, a Herman Miller desk chair, 4 office desk designs and 1 furniture design. This stencil is to help you get started designing office, kitchen, laundry room, garage, bathroom and closet spaces using common cabinetry specifications from todays cabinet manufactures. It’s as easy as measuring your space and dragging cabinet elements to fit that space. What is Omnigraffle? It’s software developed for Apple Mac and Apple iPad devices that allows the user to sketch, design and build wireframes quickly and easily. Using Omnigraffle and the Cabinet Stencils over at Graffletopia gives the DIY’r a great way to design their space or design furniture. Click  to view a list of all the cabinet elements and appliances included in the stencil.


Free Graffletopia Cabinet Stencils for Apple Mac and Apple iPad